Lloyd Claycomb II is a Colorado Businessman, Philanthropist, and Political Activist. He is known locally as the Founder and CEO of United Builders Service, Inc., one of Colorado’s largest specialty construction company, which has made a name for its strong work ethic and commitment to excellence. The portrait of Lloyd Claycomb II paints a complex, restless man who’s chosen a path of continuous personal and professional development that has ultimately led him on a journey of self-realization and growth as a valuable member of the community.

United Builders Service, Inc. Background

In 1978, Lloyd Claycomb founded United Builders Service, Inc (UBS), which soon grew into a multinational entity. Since its inception, UBS has worked on more than 3,000 projects across the nation and has been a partner of choice to both private and government businesses. While their specialty is large various commercial multifamily apartments and highrises, United Builders Service has successfully completed projects in various sectors including healthcare, education, government, and multiuse. UBS has been involved in the construction of many of Denver’s largest buildings and continues to partner with contractors and developers to meet the demands of a rapidly expanding community.


As a man who strongly believes in using his experience, professional expertise and personal strengths to build a better world – Lloyd has always sought out to ease the plight of the most vulnerable members of communities worldwide through the provision of funds, products, knowledge and advancement. The efforts of a single man as well as his determination and strong principles have laid out the foundation that has brought together many like-minded individuals, seeking to make a positive impact on society as a whole. The great success of UBS has allowed Claycomb to pursue involvement with many charities and organizations all over the world. Claycomb held positions on the board of directors for Our Children International as well as Maranatha International Volunteers and currently serves on the board for Our Warriors at Home. He has always been committed to providing food, shelter and education to underprivileged children and his tireless endeavors have resulted in the construction of many orphanages around the globe. A tireless advocate for human rights and a better, more dignified existence for people everywhere – Lloyd recently launched “Our Warriors at Home,” a charitable organization that aims to help the wives, mothers, children and caregivers of wounded American soldiers by funding a day of fun and relaxation and allowing a temporary reprieve from their daily responsibilities and hardships.

Political Activism

His diverse interests across a broad spectrum of socially-relevant issues and deep involvement with community initiatives culminated in the logical pursuit of a political outlet for Lloyd’s professional and personal qualities, skills and capabilities. At present, Lloyd serves as the Republican Party’s State Victory Chairman, was appointed to the Transition Finance Committee for President-elect Donald Trump, and has been an active fundraiser for the Republican Party. He is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and holds true Conservative values at heart. A husband, father, and grandfather – Lloyd Claycomb takes great pride in his humble background, which has instilled in him family values, respect for equality and belief in the possibility for a better future for our children that he would like to pass on to future generations through personal example and hard work.