United Builders Service, Inc. is committed to ensuring that our employees are provided safe and healthful employment. We strive for excellence in the quality of work we perform, without compromising the security and well-being of our employees. Each and every worker plays a role in UBS’s loss control efforts. This is our investment for the future of our company and our successes will be determined by our individual input and energy. The combined effort of all employees creates a culture and attitude in our organization that places safety and health issues at the top of our priority list and gives our company the competitive edge in the construction industry.

The management team at UBS supports the employees by providing the necessary resources to implement an effective safety and health program and provide training opportunities. Employees play an active role in United Builders Service, Inc. safety program by participating in safety meetings, attending training workshops, and informing management of any unsafe or unhealthy conditions.

United Builders Service is diligent in our observations to identify conditions that may harm fellow workers, the general public, and employees of our subcontractors. UBS is committed to adhering to all Federal, State and Local safety and health codes, as well as standard industry safe work practices. However, we believe compliance with those regulations is not enough and that human behavior and attitude have more influence on accident prevention than conformance with regulatory requirements.

United Builder Service supports these safety and health initiatives to the fullest and we call upon all levels of our team to make our goal of comprehensive safety management a foundation of our business.