The Importance of Corporate Involvement in the Community and Giving Back

At UBS we live with the belief that it is our responsibility to use our expertise and experience to give back to our Colorado community. We do this, not just because we can, but because we understand just how important it is to contribute to our community, and for corporate responsibility to be present in our day to day lives.

Giving Back is About More Than Feeling Good

One of our largest social contributions was assisting the victims of the 2013 flooding through restoring and renovating homes. The flooding, which swept through Colorado, destroying, roads, businesses, and homes, left many people without their livelihood and in need of help. We were happy to step in and work with the city of Boulder to help with rebuilding efforts.

While this was a powerful experience, and one which we were glad to be a part of, it was also a teaching moment. We were given the opportunity first hand to see how important it is for corporate entities to give back to the communities they call home. We have been a part of the Colorado community for over 2 decades, and providing the aid needed during this time of chaos and confusion was an essential part of giving back to the community.

Why Should Corporate Entities Give Back?

Many corporations have a philanthropic division, creating partnerships to provide financial and volunteer opportunities. Doing so is an essential part of many companies’ outreach to the public. Companies can often feel monolithic, but through service to the community, they can provide the same care that nonprofits, churches and community members can for one another.

There are also internal benefits for companies to give back. Investors like seeing a company with a community outreach mindset because it shows a dedication to their employees and their customers. While investors want to see a return on their investment they also want to know that their money is being used responsibly and that it creates a benefit to society.

Additionally, good social policy can help employee engagement, creativity, and personal growth, which can lead to a better work output and happiness. Employees like to feel good about their jobs. Providing them with the opportunity to give back allows them to feel good about themselves and their work place, which can directly impact their creative and collaborative skills.

How to Give Back.

Every company will give back in their own way. We found that using our expertise in construction was the right skill at the right time to help people reestablish their lives. We encourage everyone to consider ways that your organization can provide community outreach and support that comes from your skill and position in the market.  Giving back can empower both a successful work environment and a great social image.