How To Tell If A Metal Stud Framer Will Be Right For Your Job

Because of its importance to a construction project, picking a reliable company or subcontractor to handle the installation of metal stud framing is essential. However, understanding how to pick a provider can be difficult. Knowing what to look for in a contractor will smooth the way for a successful project.

Warning Signs

Every installer should have a portfolio of projects they’ve worked on. Being able to look at that portfolio can help a team leader, designer, or architect learn what the applicants’ previous work has looked like. It can also help with seeing if there have been problems with previous projects. Did the walls on a project buckle, break, or bend? That installer may have missed placing interior studs into the frame. Did the drywall break down after a flood? They may not have properly measured and placed the frames, resulting in greater flood damage. Were there repeated problems with electrical or communications wiring? They may have been using materials with sharp edges that damaged the wiring. Did doors or windows not fit in the framing as the blueprint said they should? The installer might have neglected to properly measure the studs before installation.

One of these issues alone is not a reason to doubt the capabilities of an installer, but a history of repeated issues is a cause for concern. Checking the contractor’s history is a critical step in determining if an installer will be a good fit for a project.

Other Things You Can Do

It is also important to check what materials an installer plans to use. Each manufacturer has their own warranty, and you should review the materials specifications and warranty when evaluating the installer. Understanding the installer’s process and their choice in materials is important to making sure that their work will be completed correctly and will stand the test of time.

You should also check how your installers hire subcontractors or workmen, and how they handle managing their teams, to ensure that they will work well within the ecosystem of your project. If a team has poor management or brings on unqualified labor, it can be detrimental to not only the framing installation, but also to the installation of wiring, heating, plumbing, and flooring.  Like a machine, if one component is out of place, then the rest can quickly be brought to a grinding halt.

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