What Is Metal Stud Framing?

Metal stud framing is the skeleton of a building. It provides the framework for interior layout, ensures proper spacing of interior areas, is one of the first steps to any refurbishing or reconstruction project, and is essential to creating a space that is not only functional, but appealing as well.


Metal stud framing is the framework that lays out where partitions within a structure will sit. These partitions define rooms, cubicles, and open spaces, and where items like doors or windows will be positioned.

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Leadership in Construction

At United Builders Services, leadership is one of our core values. We believe that leadership isn’t just about how many projects we complete.  It’s about how we complete them. This is demonstrated in our company philosophy: To complete every project – big or small – to the highest value of global construction services and technical expertise on time, and within budget.

In a world where construction is sometimes completed for the lowest cost as possible, the project is often negatively impacted.  We believe in providing the best quality materials and service while still keeping efficiency in mind for every project.  This is why we take the time needed to work with each customer to ensure that their project is built to their specifications. Read more “Leadership in Construction”

Safety When Using Drywall

Drywall installation is a field where workplace safety remains an important concern. While it may seem like drywall can be installed relatively easily, it is important to be able to spot when a contractor is performing an installation within the expected safety parameters in order to protect the contractors and the site itself.


Because of how sensitive drywall is to the elements, how much of it is used in jobs, and how difficult it can be to maneuver, dry wall should be delivered as close to the job site as possible. However, because drywall takes up a large storage space, it also needs to be placed in a way that it is not a hazard within the work environment.

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Acoustical Ceilings for your Office or Commercial Interior


An acoustical ceiling may conjure up a picture of the roof of an opera house in your mind’s eye, designed to enhance the sound within.  However, acoustical ceilings are actually quite common in commercial real estate and office buildings. They serve as a sound dampener and to conceal HVAC and other building systems. These ceilings are designed to provide a quiet work space where employees can concentrate distraction free. They are sometimes called lay-in ceilings, are versatile, durable, and cost effective, and are popular in many commercial buildings.

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Leading Construction from the Ground Up


When working with large groups of contractors and subcontractors, if details are allowed to slip through the cracks a project can easily get out of hand. Managing numerous people and companies, who all have their own goals and needs, can result in confusion and frustration.

Over the past four decades, United Builders Service has become a leader in metal stud framing and drywall installation in the Denver region.  Throughout this journey, we have worked with numerous subcontractors and contractors.  Our success has come from an unwavering focus on ensuring that each person we bring to a site is not only skilled in their job, but also has the track record to prove it. Through these interactions, we have learned how to work with, lead, and motivate large groups of diverse people to meet GC’s highest expectations for professionalism.

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UBS: Your Drywall Experts


Too often, drywall is looked at as the last step in the construction process, and as a simple task that should be completed as quickly and cheaply as possible. The truth of the matter is that without a proper technique, planning, and an understanding of how dry wall fits into the construction process, an otherwise well planned and executed construction project can end up with significant aesthetic and functional issues.


Dry wall isn’t just a covering for the frame of a structure. It serves as the base for paint, spackle, or other material that will decorate a room. It protects electrical wiring and piping. It essentially works to provide an aesthetic base and protective layer. This is why understanding the process of putting up dry wall is so important. If done incorrectly, it can compromise both the design and the functionality of a room.

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